Vocal 5

Marjan Kozina Hall 

Slovenian Philharmonic

21th january 2018 at 7.30 PM


Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir

Grete Pedersen, conductor

Berit Solset, soprano 
Astrid Sandvand Dahlen, alto
Magnus Staveland, tenor 
Halvor F. Melien, bass


Joseph Haydn:

Mass in D minor, Hob XXII/11

Gustav Mahler, arr. Gottwald in Pedersen:     

Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen / Poslovil sem se od sveta

Ørjan Matre: 

Eit barn er født i Betlehem / A child is born in Bethlehem

Helleluja, vor strid er endt / Halleluja, our battle ends



Norwegian conductor Grete Pedersen is regarded as a pioneer in the revival of Norwegian folk music in choral arrangements, which he regularly performs alongside selected world music repertoire. For twenty years, he led the Oslo Chamber Choir, and in 1990 he succeeded the celebrated Knut Nystedt as the conductor of the Norwegian Soloists Choir, with whom he continues to achieve notable success today. Grete Pedersen graduated from the class of Kenneth Kiesler at the Norwegian Academy of Music, where he himself currently teaches, as well as pursuing additional studies with Eric Ericson and Terje Kvam. He performs with ensembles such as the Berlin Radio Choir, the Netherlands Chamber Choir, the Swedish Radio Choir, the Eric Ericson Chamber Choir, the Danish Vocal Ensemble, the World Youth Choir, etc., and he debuted with the Slovenian Philharmonic Choir in March 2016.

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