Vocal 3

19 November 2017, at 7.30 PM

Marjan Kozina Hall, Slovenian Philharmonic

Aco Aleksander Bišćević, tenor

Bor Zuljan, lute, baroque, romantic and modern guitar

John Dowland:                                               

Time stands still 

Fine knacks for ladies 

Can she excuse my wrongs 

I saw my lady weep 

Say love if ever thou didst find

Come again! sweet love doth invite 

traditional, arr. Benjamin Britten:

I will give my love an apple 

The Salley Gardens 

The Deaf Woman’s Courtship 

folk song, arr. Marjan Peternel:

Petelinček je zapieu

folk song, arr. Andrej Misson:

Bon šla na goro

Andrej Misson:


Giulio Caccini:

Amor ch’attendi 

Amarilli, mia bella 

Franz Schubert:                                              

Du bist die Ruh, D 776

Johannes Brahms:

Mein Mädel hat einen rosen Mund 

Franz Schubert:

Seligkeit, D 433 

Johannes Brahms:

Da unten im Tale 


Žute dunje

Ajde Jano



Today, English Renaissance singer, lutenist and composer John Dowland is primarily known as a composer of chamber arias – melancholy songs with a predominant love theme. The work of the “songwriter” of the English court is joined by songs of a similar mood by authors from other periods and nationalities.

The stylistically diverse selection of works, all sharing a common theme, will be presented by two young Slovenian musicians, both of whom work mainly abroad: tenor Aco Aleksander Bišćević, who primarily performs early opera literature, and Bor Zuljan, a lecturer at the Geneva Conservatory and a master of music for plucked string instruments from the Renaissance to the present, and from European classical music to the folk traditions of the Middle East.