Vocal 2

22 October 2017, at 7,30 PM

Marjan Kozina Hall, Slovenian Philharmonic



Slovenian Philharmonic Choir

Megaron Chamber Choir

Damijan Močnik, conductor

Tomaž Sevšek, organ



Damijan Močnik: Bog daj, Bog daj dobro večer / May God Grant You a Good Evening

Uroš KrekVöra bije / The Clock Beats

Damijan Močnik: Kosmi časa / Flakes of Time

György Ligeti: Pápainé / The Papai Widow

Damijan Močnik: Libera me

Reynaldo Hahn: Rondo lapponico

Damijan Močnik: Riba / Fish

Damijan Močnik: Missa in organi benedictione

William Hawley: Two motets:  MosellaTe Vigilans Oculis

Alfred Schnittke: O Master of All Living Things from the Choir Concerto

Since 2003, the Megaron Chamber Choir had brought together pupils and former pupils of the Diocesan Classical Gymnasium in Ljubljana. The choir was established on the initiative of composer and conductor Damijan Močnik, who has also led the ensemble since its inception. In the ten years of its operation, Megaron has gained a reputation both in Slovenia and abroad, where it has appeared at numerous concerts in Austria, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Poland, Canada and the United States. On this occasion, they will be joined by the Slovenian Philharmonic Choir and conducted by Damijan Močnik, who, in addition to his own works, will present Krek’s arrangements of Prekmurje folk songs and an early work by Ligeti, created during his studies in Budapest, as well as compositions by Reynaldo Hahn, a French romantic composer who worked in Venezuela, and contemporary American composer William Hawley, who often draws inspiration from the music of past eras. A highlight of the programme will be a performance of the first movement of Schnittke’s Choir Concerto, one of the greatest choral masterpieces of the twentieth century.