Marjan Kozina Hall 

Slovenian Philharmonic



Aco Aleksander Bišćević, tenor

Bor Zuljan, lute, theorbo, chitarrone, romantic lira, modern guitar



John Dowland:

Time stands still

Say love if ever thou didst find

Tell me, true love

Rest awhile, you cruel cares

Come again! sweet love doth invite

Sébastien Le Camus:

Amor, cruel

Je veux me plaindre

Étienne Moulinié:

Enfin la beauté que j'adore

Italijanske kancone

Franz Schubert:

Heidenroslein, D 257

Rastlose Liebe, D 138

Die Liebe hat gelogen, D 751

Du bist die Ruh, D 776

Geist der Liebe, D 233

Marjan Peternel:

Arrangements of Slovenian folk love songs



Today, English Renaissance singer, lutenist and composer John Dowland is primarily known as a composer of chamber arias – melancholy songs with a predominant love theme. The work of the “songwriter” of the English court is joined by arias of a similar style and mood by French composers Étienne Moulinié and Sébastien Le Camus, the latter of whom worked in the court of Louis XIII. While Dowland is the central figure of Renaissance court songs, Schubert is without question the main composer of Romantic lieder and a star of the early bourgeois salon. The selection of his lieder is accompanied by a selection of Slovenian folk love songs arranged by Marjan Peternel. The stylistically diverse selection of works, all sharing a common theme, will be presented by two young Slovenian musicians, both of whom work mainly abroad: tenor Aco Aleksander Bišćević, who primarily performs early opera literature, and Bor Zuljan, a lecturer at the Geneva Conservatory and a master of music for plucked string instruments from the Renaissance to the present, and from European classical music to the folk traditions of the Middle East.